Add 10-20 qualified sales meetings to your calendar completly on autopilot

Get 10-20 qualified sales calls each month with your dream, ideal clients while only paying for calls that show up

Close deals while we book them for you

Our approach is all about flooding your sales pipelines with the best opportunities in the most efficient way

We will help you get into new corners of your market through:

01. You get warm prospects only through hyper-targeted, personalized outreach

02. A consistent flow of scheduled appointments

03. Performance-based lead generation

Is your business currently facing these issues?

Revenue Targets

Are you feeling uncertain you won't be able to hit revenue targets?

Lack of Growth

Frustrated that your business isn't growing as fast as you want?

Lack of Time

Do you not have the time and energy to spend on endless prospecting?

Burned by Agencies

Have you worked with lead gen agencies who over-promise but under-deliver?


We make sure your calendar is filled with sales meetings with prospects you want to work with

We take all the headaches and hassle of prospecting out of your hands so you can focus on closing the leads we send you every week

This is How we do it for you


we do a deep dive into your business

We’ll do a deep dive to understand your business as well if we were part of your in-house team. We’ll collect data on your Offers, ICP, and learn more about your business to build scripts, lead lists, and sending infrastructure completely DFY.


We Identify your Ideal Customer Profile

We use data-driven methods to find companies that match your ideal customer profile, based on the characteristics and pain points of your past customers. For example, Your perfect template could include reaching out to the VP of Marketing at companies with 50-100 employees who are hiring for a graphic designer and mention “wholesale” on their website.


We develop outbound sales strategy

We will design a creative campaign plan that aligns with your business goals and value proposition. We will craft engaging and personalized messages that resonate with your prospects and compel them to take action. We will also monitor and optimize your campaign performance, using data and feedback to improve your results.


Then we launch your campaign

After we create all your assets & get them approved, we launch the campaign and start sending tailored emails out to your ideal audience. We split test different copy & audiences to make sure we get the best results and maximize the quality of leads.


Finally, you get sales meetings on auto-pilot

After the campaigns are launched, we follow up and nurture all the replies to get the interested prospects booked on your calendar. We handle everything end to end, and you get the meetings booked on your calendar without having to lift a finger, while you get a weekly report from us.

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